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Peeling is the loss of paint due to poor adhesion. When there is a primer and topcoat, or multiple coats of paint peeling may involve some or all coats.

Peeling impacts many surfaces such as siding, galvanized metal, over hard slick surfaces, under eaves, masonry/brick, window sills and frames.

Peeling is cause mainly by moisture escaping through the exterior walls and more likely to appear if painted with oil-based paint.

To prevent peeling we take extra precautions adequately preparing the surface and using high quality paint because peeling is easily presented by applying too think of a topcoat, painting over a glossy surface, using low quality products, early blistering of paint, applying an oil-based paint over a wet surface and because on hard surfaces adhesion is difficult to appear, such surfaces are concrete, masonry, brick.

To prevent galvanized metal peeling we followed a few simple steps to help the paint last longer. Washing, removing previous paint, rust and iron and removing severely rusted gutters.

Peeling under eaves appears because condensation is likely to form. To prevent peeling we sand or wire brush the surface and wash all protected areas with a strong detergent and water.

Our widely time of experience helps us to detect any signs of damage and by doing so we could determine what kind of products are needed and the right painting techniques to prevents future damage.