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Blistering on Exterior Pain‚Äčt

Blistering damage appears as bubbles resulting from loss of adhesion and lifting of the paint from the underlying surface. Blistering is one of the most common problem homeowners face. This is because the circumstances needed for blistering to appear are commonly found in homes. Some of these circumstances are the following.

  • Painting a warm surface in direct sunlight.
  • Application of oil-based or alkyd paint over a damp or wet surface.
  • Excessive moisture escaping from the interior of the house.
  • Exposure of latex paint film to dew, high humidity or rain shortly after paint has dried.
  • Damp basement.
  • Painting over a surface damp with rain, dew or residual from power washing.

We can prevent blistering from affecting your property by doing a brief inspection and using high quality and needed products to protect your home from future damage.